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Client Testimonials

“After a flood, water damage is easy to see, but its true impact is hard to know. I learnt this the hard way the first time my home was flooded. I didn’t’ invest in water damage restoration and for months afterwards, paid the price repeatedly for new carpets, black mold removal and new furniture. So when a flood happened again, 20 years later, I knew to go straight to Restoration Squad for their expertise! They removed all the excess water, cleaned and restored the damage and charged a very fair price. Take my advice, save costly mistakes, and call in the professionals a Restoration Squad immediately after water damage and flood damage occurs.”

Sheila Alair


“At first I thought it was allergies, but every morning for a couple of weeks I would wake up with a running nose. I saw a documentary about mold spores and immediately suspected that I had mold and mildew in my house. I heard from my dad that Restoration Squad is a great mold removal specialist company in San Jose, so I didn’t hesitate in giving them a call. I was very impressed by how seriously and thoroughly they diagnosed, inspected, cleaned and treated the entire mold growth. My health has improved and the nasty damp smell has gone. If you need quality mold removal and remediation, I recommend the guys at Restoration Squad.”

Lesley Jacobs


“I have a new respect for the work done by water damage removal experts, such as the great team at Restoration Squad in San Jose. Our contractors were a little over-zealous in ripping out old pipes and caused a serious leak that turned into a Niagara Falls flood overnight. Our wonderful new neighbors recommended Restoration Squad to us, who did a sterling job in removing the excess water and minimizing damage for us. Thank you!”

Ann Cleaver


“After a couple buckets of water and a sad looking mop didn’t put a dent in the ocean of water surrounding me after our laundry room flooded, I knew I needed water removal and water damage repair assistance. I was very concerned by all that water affecting the washing machine and dryer, so was very relieved when a water damage technicians and water removal team from Restoration Squad arrived so quickly after my call to pump out the excess water and safety-check the electrical appliances!”

Mandy Esposito


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