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Water Damage Certification


Water restoration after severe flooding and clogging of drainages is no easy feat, a task that requires the art of precision and enough knowledge about the proper methodologies to be used. That’s why we, the people behind Restoration Squad, value our certification as water damage experts in all aspects. Ready to serve the people in San Jose, especially those who live in flood-prone areas,

Expect Nothing But Quality Service


We didn’t earn our certification in water damage for nothing. Over the years, we’ve proved ourselves as being consistent in reliable, delivering quick and easy solutions that won’t require another consultation. We’ve experienced dealing with all kinds of drainage problems. We’ve worked with all kinds of customers. We’ve offered our services at reasonably affordable prices that won’t go breaking anybody’s budget. We only use the newest and best kind of materials, from the pipes to the fixtures and the tools we use to completely rid your drainages of water. Our teams work seamlessly together to provide you with the most efficient service possible in the shortest amount of time. They’re also knowledgeable about pipes and are always ready if you have any questions about your drainage system.

You’ll Be Dealing With Certified Professionals


As being certified in water damage restoration, Restoration Squad guarantees customer satisfaction to all those living in San Jose. We make sure to not only excel in our work but stand out through our exemplary customer relations as well. One thing to ensure this is to keep the prices fixed and constant until the end of the transaction, no fees or charges under the table. The moment you call us, you’ll get an estimate of how much everything will cost, from the labor to the materials and the extent of damage that needs to be repaired. After our members do the job, you’ll still be charged for the same price.

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