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10 Weak Points From Rain In Your Home And How To Fix Them

If your home is exposed to rain that continues to fall for several days it might experience rain damage. Heavy rains can cause flooding which in turn causes damage to houses and it can enter your home through the basement, which is often the case during heavy rains, as it is the lowest part of the house. There are a number of weak points from which rain can damage your home and we are going to take a look at them in this post.

  1. The Roof

Inspect your roof regularly to make sure there are no broken or missing tiles. Look for signs of aging, including cracks along the sides of your roof. If you notice any problems get a professional to fix your roof before the rains begin.

  1. The Gutters

Inspect your gutters to make sure they are not broken or have any leaks and make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris that will block them during the rain. Fit your gutters with mesh caps so leaves don’t get in.

  1. The Downspouts

Make sure that your downpipes are not broken or blocked and that the water running down them runs away from the house.

  1. The Windows

Check that your window seals are in good condition and that they are able to withstand heavy rains.

 The Exterior Walls

Check your exterior walls for any weak spots which might absorb the rainwater.

  1. The Main Plumbing Drain

The city’s sewage system sometimes overflows during times of heavy rain, and the water flows back into the pipes into your home. In order to prevent this happening, have a plumber install a backflow valve in your home.

  1. The Basement

Many times basements flood after days of continuous rains. The rainwater seeps into the ground until it is fully saturated. The pressure of the water in the ground then seeps through the concrete walls and floors of the basement.

  1. The Garden

Heavy rain and wind cause leave to fall which might block the gutters and heavy trees can fall and damage the roof. Check the trees in your garden, remove leaves and cut down trees that hang over the roof.

  1. The Sewer System

During times of heavy rains, your sewage system can have a backup overflow. Get a plumber to install a ‘sewage backflow prevention’ device.

  1. The Driveway

Make sure that the rainwater on your driveway is diverted away from the house, you might have to dig a trench to do this.


Has Your Home Experienced Rain Damage?

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