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   Four Warning Signs Your Home May Have Water Damage

Water damage can easily make a house crumble or cause weird-smelling odors to be evident in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen. Here are some of the signs you can check to tell if you already need a professional water damage … Read more

   Water Damage Certification

Water Damage Certification   Water restoration after severe flooding and clogging of drainages is no easy feat, a task that requires the art of precision and enough knowledge about the proper methodologies to be used. That’s why we, the people … Read more

   Structural Restoration

Good thing, Restoration Squad offers water damage restoration services in San Jose, CA. If ever you need a structural restoration, you can always count on our excellent and efficient services. Availing the Structural Restoration Services Structural restoration needs a skilled … Read more

   Water Damage Under Toilet

what steps to take to get the damage repaired There are a lot of reasons that water damage under the toilet can occur. It can happen in almost every type of real estate property. Some of the major reasons include … Read more

   Water Damage Drywall

Restoring Water Damaged Drywall Water destroys everything it comes in contact with, including drywall. The water accumulates rapidly within the drywall before it peels off. One of the greatest dangers of loose drywall is the risk of touching rusted nails. … Read more

   Water Damage Crawl Space

Getting Rid of Water Damage in Crawl Space Areas Water damage can quickly flood a crawl space and cause all sorts of structural problems. The main sources of the water damage can vary from a broken sprinkler to a cracked … Read more

   Sewage Damage Cleanup

What if we have a sewage problem? When you have a problem with flood water you must do the same, but when you are facing a sewage leak, flood or indeed any other kind of sewage problem, you need to … Read more

   Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair Specialists in San Jose Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Even when we think we’ve harnessed it and we can enjoy the fruit of our efforts, water can still have the upper hand, … Read more

   Flood Damage Cleanup

How to Combat Flood Damage It’s extremely important to take preventative flood measures in advance. Make sure you lock all the windows in the house and keep your doors closed. This will limit the flood water from slowly sinking in. … Read more

   Water Damage Equipment

The Tools of the Trade Flooded basements can leave a great deal of damage in a short time span. Before you begin the restoration process, it’s important to learn more details about the water damage equipment being used. Professional water … Read more