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How to Combat Flood Damage

It’s extremely important to take preventative flood measures in advance. Make sure you lock all the windows in the house and keep your doors closed. This will limit the flood water from slowly sinking in. You can barricade doors inside the household with towels or heavy cloth. Flood water enters rapidly through unlocked basement windows.

Another helpful tip in combating flood damage is to have your pipes thoroughly inspected by a professional plumber. A reliable plumber is able to spot and fix any infrastructure issues early on, which will prevent the pipes from accumulating flood water. Make sure the plumber inspects each section of the bathroom, kitchen and basement for any potential leaks within the piping infrastructure. Check the local radio for flood warnings and be prepared to evacuate your home at any given time.

Flood Damage Cleanup Process

Cleaning up after a flood is no easy task. It requires having access to an industrial strength wet vacuum and dehumidifier. You’ll also need a heavy duty air blower to quickly absorb the water from the carpets. This would be a good time to contact a professional water damage remediation company. They can extract the excess water from your basement and carpeting in a very short time frame. It’s important to locate a reliable company as well.

Floods can turn a home upside down in a hurry, which is why it’s crucial to act quickly. You should have an emergency food and supply kit ready to go in case you’re asked to evacuate your home. Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your vehicle and plenty of bottled water available. Keep small children away from wet basements, since there are many electrical hazards spread around the room. Avoid making contact with any electrical appliance cords or phone wires.

Contact 911 Remediation San Jose for Full Flood Damage Services

911 Remediation San Jose is fully committed to restoring your home after a recent bout with flood damage. We offer a wide range of flood restoration services at cost efficient prices. 911 Remediation works throughout all neighborhoods in the San Jose community 24/7. Don’t wait until the water fills your home to the roof! Contact 911 Remediation San Jose right away for emergency flood damage cleanup services.

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