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Water damage can easily make a house crumble or cause weird-smelling odors to be evident in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen. Here are some of the signs you can check to tell if you already need a professional water damage restoration serviceman repair leaks in your house.

Check your walls for water stains

If your ceilings and walls start to have water stains from leaks up on your ceiling, it means that one of your pipes might already be busted or corroded from years of use.

Watch out for the smells

If you walk in a warm or moist room (like a bathroom) and you suspect mold or mildew formation but don’t see anything, chances are mold might have already developed within your walls. If left for longer periods of time mold might spread and cause serious sickness among your family members. Have it removed right away.

Crumbling areas, buckling floors and walls

If the areas around your windows are perpetuated with crumbling wood, it might mean wood is falling apart because of too much water it might be holding in. Always check the wooden parts of your house (those that are weaker than the rest) after every storm to see if anything might be crumbling.

If your floors and walls are buckling, it means they are swollen because of so much water absorption. If any part of your floors is uneven when you walk over them, this is a sign. Creaking floorboards might also be hiding considerable water damage underneath them.

Listen for the water leaks

Water leaks are probably not that easy to spot, especially if you and your family are always walking around the house and are too noisy to notice anything. However, when you do hear them, it already means that one of your pipes might already be busted or leaking.

To prevent leaks from causing more problems around your house, call Restoration Squad now, (408) 412-3003, to have your pipes checked and repaired if it’s been damaged.

Remember to always watch out for these signs especially after a huge storm or flooding has hit your area.



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