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Storms have the power to damage properties, disrupt lives and cause injuries. Heavy downpours create a flood risk in certain areas, particularly those close to rivers or streams, while wind-damage can open your home up to rain.

The post-storm clean-up is a grim process for households and business-owners. You may have to remove broken possessions, make structural repairs and bring a professional water damage restoration team in to return your property to a safe standard.

But what can you do to prevent wind and storm damage to your home in the first place?

#1. Clean your Gutters

If your gutters are blocked, torrential rain can cause them to overflow and lead to flooding.

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure they’re clear on a regular basis — water will flow away from your property and minimize your danger of damage.

#2. Check your Roof

Your roof should be in good condition to survive a storm unscathed. While new roofing will typically withstand strong winds and brutal downpours, an older one is more prone to damage.

Examine your roof yourself or bring professionals in to do it for you. Look out for any potential leaks, no matter how small they may be, and beware of loose shingles. These may blow off and take flight, causing further damage to windows, doors or even people.

#3. Board your Windows and Doors

Hopefully, your property will never be in the path of a storm powerful enough to warrant boarding your windows and doors.

But if you believe one is heading your way, take the time to nail boards in place. This is effective as a one-off, but if you live in an area prone to storms, consider investing in impact-rated windows designed to withstand tough winds and collisions.

This minimizes the danger of objects, shards of glass, wind and rain coming into your home.

#4. Remember your Outdoor Furnishings

Never overlook your outdoor furniture. It’s easy to forget about these and focus solely on your home, but such a simple mistake may be dangerous.

Lawn furniture, tables, chairs, water features and more will become airborne during severe storms — turning them into hazards. Either bring them inside or secure them with covers and weights.

#5. Clear your Yards

Fallen branches, stacked firewood and potted plants should all be removed from your yards ahead of a storm. Bring all the wood you may need inside, and put the rest into storage.

Taking steps to prevent wind and storm damage to your home is essential. Extreme weather can have devastating consequences, but the proper precautions may make a significant difference to your property’s security.

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