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What if we have a sewage problem?

When you have a problem with flood water you must do the same, but when you are facing a sewage leak, flood or indeed any other kind of sewage problem, you need to get help fast…

A sewage leak may start slowly, or as fast as a flood, it might come from the sewage system in the house, may even come from next doors’ sewage system- through the ceiling, roof or even though the walls, in some cases it can even come right from the street.

It can turn your house from your cozy and beloved safe haven into a place you could not even walk into….

Why not do it myself?

It is of great importance to deal with sewage problems the minute you realize that it is there, you are sure to know- you’ll smell it. And you have to deal with it professionally.
Sewage water is “black water” it carries a great big number of risks it is contaminating and carries toxins.
Don’t try to deal with it yourself; if you do you are risking yourself, your beloved ones and your house. There are companies out there, and they can solve it for you.

What shall I do?

Do not be desperate, Call us; we’ll sort it out for you.
The team at 911 restoration squad is highly qualified to deal with your problem; we have the best equipment and the best people for the job. We’ll clean up your house, bring it back to its pre sewage condition, and you can continue right where you’ve stopped.

Our fully insured team is working literally around the clock- 24/7 365 days a year to deal with your sewage damage so we are always here for you; we know that every second count.
We’ll do the cleanup and deal with all the mess, to make sure that your house is your safe haven again as fast as possible; we have all the necessary equipment, and all the experience it takes to get the job done.

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