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Getting Rid of Water Damage in Crawl Space Areas

Water damage can quickly flood a crawl space and cause all sorts of structural problems. The main sources of the water damage can vary from a broken sprinkler to a cracked sewer pipe drain. Houses that are surrounded by bodies of water are generally at the highest level of risk as well. Cleaning a crawl space is not as simple as it sounds. A trained water remediation expert should be brought in to help out since they know how to deal with structural foundation issues.

Strict safety guidelines should be practiced and enforced. The last thing you ever want to do is to disturb the actual foundation and possibly hit a sewage line. The sewage can leak over into your basement and drip straight downwards. It’s necessary to avoid sewage exposure, so let the pros take over at this point. They must also work quickly to prevent mold from spiraling out of control, which could be left undetected for years if not properly destroyed at an earlier stage.

Something that must be taken into consideration is the soil beneath the crawl space. The soil must be checked to ensure that sewage did not seep over. You really don’t want to be knee deep in water, especially from the crawl space, which carries plenty of bacteria and germs along with it. Crawl space areas are very difficult and narrow to clean on your own. Be careful when sprinkling your garden or watering your plants because the amount of excess water can trigger a problem with the foundation if not dealt with correctly.

911 Restoration Squad to the Rescue!

911 Restoration Squad has you covered 24/7 throughout all parts and territories of San Jose. We get inside the crawl space and start the cleanup process right away. The clock is working against you during a water damage emergency. We use a sump pump and dehumidifier to accelerate the restoration process. Your crawl space will look as good as new! Get in touch with our friendly support staff today and let us bring tranquility to your household!

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