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Restoring Water Damaged Drywall

Water destroys everything it comes in contact with, including drywall. The water accumulates rapidly within the drywall before it peels off. One of the greatest dangers of loose drywall is the risk of touching rusted nails. You should proceed with extreme caution before handling any torn up drywall. Water damaged drywall allows mold to build up, which can be stored inside the walls for a very long time. That’s why it’s important to patch up the wet drywall as soon as possible.

Patching up the drywall is no easy task. A reputable handyman or water damage restoration specialist should be called up immediately. They have the knowledge, experience and tools to begin the project right away. Cost depends on the severity of the damages. The greater the number of damages, the longer it will take for the repairs and that translates into more cost. The technician will have to scrape the loose paint and peeling before patching up the holes. Make sure you get a quote in advance, either way, just to be on the safe side.

A solid roller will be needed to match the previous coat of paint. You might want to redo the paint altogether, which is another factor to take into consideration as well. Experienced restoration specialists will examine closely for mold and mildew growth while painting the drywall. They can kill the mold at an early stage before it gets the chance to spread and manifest throughout your household. Make sure children and elderly people are escorted out of the house during the drywall repair process.

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