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what steps to take to get the damage repaired

There are a lot of reasons that water damage under the toilet can occur. It can happen in almost every type of real estate property. Some of the major reasons include bad plumbing, old plumbing materials, and water damage from burst water pipes etc. Many times, you will not notice water damage under the toilet until it’s too late. This is a reason that you should keep an eye on the condition of your bathroom as a whole. If you are not careful, you could end up with structure problems in your flooring. Of course, if you allow water damage of any type to sit for long, you face having to pay for extensive, very expensive repairs.

Water Damage Under Toilet and Mold Growth

If water gets back behind your bathroom walls, or causes water damage under the toilet, it can lead to mold growth in these hard to reach spots. If this happens, it can create a dangerous health situation for you and your family. This is particularly true if the mold that happens to start growing is black mold.

In each instance, whether you are dealing with actual water damage, or mold growth due to water seeping behind the bathroom walls or under the toilet, you will likely need the services of a professional to fix the issue. Thankfully, San Jose has many home restoration experts that you can call upon. When you do, be sure that the company sends someone over to assess the water damage. Sometimes it isn’t quite as bad as you think, and of course, at others the problem is much worse. You’ll need professional services to stop the water damage at its source. You’ll want to begin working to prevent damage from spreading as soon as possible.

We don’t recommend trying to fix water damage that exists under your toilet yourself. Get the problem assessed, and then have a qualified professional restore your bathroom to a like-new condition.


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